The Ewes
"Gothi"  PSS EWE M4P 322N
A moorit mouflon born 17 April 2003  She has a beautiful 'silvered' moorit fleece, a nice build, a great udder and is a wonderful mom.  She
was the first of my ewes to lamb, and in 2005 produced solid moorit ram and ewe lambs.  In 2006 she had twin ewes - a solid black and a
black mouflon, and in 2007 she presented me with a moorit badgerface ewe and a black badgerface ram.  Gothi's 2009 moorit mouflon ram
lamb was named Grand Champion Classic Breed Ram at the Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival!
"Svala"  PSS EWE B4P 415P
A black mouflon born 28 April 2004.  This is my wild girl.  Her name means 'swallow' in old Norse, and she really can fly.  Very alert and wary,
she has a lovely 'silvered' black fleece.  She had a single ewe lamb in 2006, and was a very attentive mom.  She also has a great udder.  In
2007 she gave me a black badgerface ram and a black mouflon badgerface ewe.  Not bred for the 2008 season, in 2009 she surprised me
with twin moorit mouflon ewe lambs.
"Drifa"  PSS EWE 1H 413P
This horned white girl was born 27 April 2004.  She has a nice build and a dense fleece.  Not bred as a lamb, she had a lovely set of horned
black ewe lambs in 2006.  Despite having a difficult delivery, she was a very good mom.  In 2007 she produced a nice pair of black
badgerface ewe lambs.  She was not bred for the 2009 season, and in 2010 produced a set of white twins.  Sadly her ram lamb died at
birth, so she is very protective of her single ewe lamb!  (she's always raised twins, and she seems to know one is missing!)  
"Birna"  SLG BIRNA EWE M5C 02R
This solid moorit ewe is Gothi's daugher, born 22
April 2005.  She wasn't bred as a lamb. In spring
of 2007 she surprised me with twins - a moorit
badgerface ram and a tiny moorit badgerface
ewe.  Not bred for the 2008 season, in 2009 she
produced a huge spotted moorit ram lamb.  In
2010 she had a very difficult delivery, but has a
beautiful solid moorit ewe that weighed in at 9
lbs.  As usual, she is a very good mother.  
The pedigrees of all of my sheep can be found at the Canadian Livestock Registry Website:
Canadian Livestock Records Corp.
Gothi in
Oct. 2007
Svala in
Mar 2009
Solveg (left) a black badgerface/mouflon ewe and Dalla (right) a black
badgerface ewe.  Both 2 yr olds.
"Solveg"  SLG SOLVEG EWE B34 20T
Born 5/4-07, Solveg is Svala and
Thorgrimm's  daughter.  This black
badgerface/mouflon ewe was not bred as a
lamb.  In 2009 she produced a set of spotted
ewe lambs, one black badgerface and one
black mouflon, both very cute!  Solveg was
named Grand Champion Classic Breed Ewe and
Best Ewe in Show at the Big Sky Fiber Arts
Festival in 2009!

"Dalla"  SLG DALLA EWE B3C 16T
Dalla is Drifa and Thorgrimms daughter.  Born
4/29/07, she was not bred as a lamb.  In
2009 she produced a set of twin ram lambs -
a black badgerface and a solid black.  Dalla is
a big wide ewe with a very dense fleece.  
   Bred to Galdur and sold in March 2010
"Signy"  SLG SIGNY EWE 01C 23U
Signey is a white ewe, born 5/11/08, who was
not bred for the 2009 season.  She was bred to
Galdur in the fall of 2009 and should have her
first lambs in April 2010.  She may carry
spotting, so I will be interested to see what
her babies will look like.  She has a lovely
fleece.  Pictured at far left with her mom,
Glora,  her sire is "Frodi",  Signy placed first in
her class at the Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival in
Signy at about 4 mos. old
Signy in March of 2010
These are the ewes that are bred for the 2010 lambing season.  To see the unbred yearlings who have remained in the flock,
see the 2009 lambs page.  They are all sons of Ragnar and I am very pleased at the way they are turning out!  
of 2010