The First Three Girls
It was winter of 2005, when I 'discovered' Icelandic
Sheep.  I was intrigued by their history,  their beautiful
fleeces and colors, and the majestic bearing of some of the
rams.  I decided it was time to return to an earlier
interest in raising sheep.  By March I had selected and
brought home my first 3 ewes.  In only a year my little
flock grew to 17 animals.  My focus is fleece for spinning
and felting, registered breeding stock, and an occasional
meat lamb.

As a spinner, felter and weaver myself, I know what I like
in a hand spinning fleece.  My goal is to produce beautiful
fleeces that other spinners will enjoy as much as I do, as
well as quality breeding stock.

I am a member of the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North
America, the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation, and
I participate in the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Program.
Raven's Rest Icelandics