Lambs 2010
Drifa's ewe lamb 4-17-10
Drifa and her ewe lamb 4-27-10
Birna was the next to lamb.  She had a very hard delivery, but on 4-19-10 she had a
beautiful solid moorit ewe lamb that weighed in at 9 lbs.  Mother and daughter seem to be
doing well.  Sire: "Ragnar"  (ACW SPT RAM 29U  Moorit, solid, spotted)
Birna's ewe lamb
Birna and her lamb
(photos 4-27-10)
Third to lamb this year was Gothi who presented me with a beautiful moorit mouflon ewe lamb
early in the morning of 4-27-10.  She's doing well, and as always, Gothi is a great mother.     
Sire: "Ragnar"  (ACW SPT RAM 29U   Moorit, solid, spotted)
Gothi's ewe lamb
Gothi and her ewe lamb
Next was Signy, a 2 yr old first time mom.  She delivered twin rams mid-morning on 4-29-10.  
Her white ram weighed 7.6#, and her black badgerface ram lamb weighed 6.6#.  Sire: "Galdur"   
(LVR AI RAM B5PS 91W  Black, solid, spotted, carries moorit)  These are Galdur's first lambs.  
He is an AI ram (meaning that his dad lives in Iceland).  Galdur's dad is Mori,  His mother was
also a product of AI and her dad is Solon.  Lots of AI bloodlines in Galdur's lambs!
Signy's ram lambs
When I went out to feed the morning of 5-2-10 I discovered that Solveg had lambed in the
pre-dawn hours.  She had very colorful twin ewes.  Her spotted black badgerface ewe weighed in
at 8.3#, and her spotted black mouflon weighed 7.2#  These spotted lambs are just so cute!
Sire: "Galdur"
  (LVR AI RAM B5PS 91W  Black, solid, spotted, carries moorit)
Solveg's spotted ewe lambs

Above: spotted black mouflon

Left:  spotted black badgerface
The last lambs to arrive this year were Svala's twins.  During the day on 5-4-10 she delivered a
large set of twins.  Her solid black ram lamb weighed 11#, and her black mouflon ewe lamb
weighed 10.6#  Both are doing well, and as usual, Svala is a wonderful mother.  Sire: "Galdur"
LVR AI RAM B5PS 91W  Black, solid, spotted, carries moorit)
Above:  Svala's solid black ram lamb

Left:  Svala and her black mouflon ewe lamb
2010 Lambs have All arrived!
Drifa was the first to lamb this year, delivering a set of white twins early in the evening of
4-15-10.   Sadly her very large ram lamb died at birth, but her 8.25 lb. ewe lamb is doing just
great.  Sire: "Henry" (
LVR RAM B5H 55R  Black, horned, carries spotting and moorit)