2009 Lambs
First Lamb of the Year!
Born on 4/5/09, this single moorit mouflon ram lamb (left) is growing like a weed!  Mom
is 'Gothi', a 6 yr old moorit mouflon who has silvered quite a lot.  She has a beautiful
handspinning fleece, and up until this year has always produced twins.

Dam:  PSS EWE M4P 322N  Sire:  ACW SPT RAM 29U  
Kadlin (above) decided to have her first lambs just before dark on 4/11/09.  She is a 2 yr old moorit badgerface, and had no problem birthing her first twins.  She
had a moorit badgerface ewe followed by a solid moorit ram.   Since Kadlin is Gothi's daughter, these are the 'grand lambs' of the ewe who lambed first this year.
They will probably both be for sale.   Dam:  SLG KADLIN EWE M3C 12T   Sire:  ACW SPT RAM 29U
Dalla (above) lambed the morning of 4/18/09.  She is a large 2 yr old black badgerface ewe with a very dense fleece, and is a first time mom.  She had a black
badgerface ram and, sadly, a very small stillborn solid black ram.  Her surviving lamb is growing nicely, and she is a devoted mother.  This lamb will be for sale.   
Dam:  SLG DALLA EWE B3C 16T   Sire:  ACW SPT RAM 29U
On 4/25/09 Solveg surprised me with spotted lambs.  She is a 2 yr. old black badgerface/mouflon ewe, and I had no idea she carried spotting!  She had twin ewes,
one 'normal' size and one very small.  The larger one is a spotted black badgerface.  The tiny one, while mostly white, has enough color on her head to prove that
she is a spotted black mouflon!  (hard to see in photo, but her lower jaw and throat are tan).  The little one is currently a 'house lamb', being raised on a bottle.   
Dam:  SLG SOLVEG EWE B34 20T   Sire:  ACW SPT RAM 29U
And more SPOTS!  On 4/26/09 Birna surprised me with a spotted moorit ram lamb.  She is a 4 yr. old solid moorit, and never showed any indication that she
carried spotting!  (being a recessive trait, a lamb must get a spotting gene from each parent to show a spotted pattern)   This is a big lamb, tipping the scales at
almost 13 lbs. when he was 2 days old!  
  Dam:  SLG BIRNA EWE M5C 02R   Sire:  ACW SPT RAM 29U
Yet one more surprise for this year:  On 4/29/09 Svala (above) presented me with 2 lovely moorit mouflon ewe
lambs!  This 5 yr. old black mouflon ewe has always produced black lambs.  I didn't know she carried moorit!  (like the
spotting, moorit is recessive, so both parents must pass on the gene for a moorit lamb to be born)   
Dam:  PSS EWE B4P 415P
  Sire:  ACW SPT RAM 29U
Here are the lambs that ended up remaining in my flock from the 2009 lamb crop.  What a hard decision to make!  
Trygg, one of Svala's ewe lambs  
(It was a very hard decision
between her and her sister
Helga.)  (left)
Of course the bottle baby 'pet',
THE Princess, Solveg's tiny lamb,
who was 2.5 lbs at birth.  (right)
And last of all, Vinka, Kadlin's ewe lamb.  This was an easy decision, for
two reasons.  This lamb has been unusually friendly from the time she
was little, and I sold her mom, who I really liked, so intended to keep her
ewe lamb as a replacement.  

I'm very pleased with the way Trygg and Vinka are turning out.  They
both are well built and have nice fleeces.  The Princess is still smaller
than her half sisters, and it's hard to tell how she'll turn out.  (but she's
very sweet... )    I think Ragnar did a great job his first breeding season!
All Photos of the yearlings
were taken on March 12,
2010, when they were about
11 months old.