2008 Lambs
My lamb crop was intentionally small this year, and since I couldn't make up my mind who to breed last fall, the lambs started
arriving later than usual.  The first of my ewes to lamb was Alfdis, a 2 yr old first time mom, who delivered her single ram lamb
unassisted while I was at work on May 7th.  He was up, dry and nursing by the time I got home.  His mom did a good job!  This
little guy is a black badgerface mouflon.  His daddy is moorit badgerface, so he has to carry that color as well.  He's a nice
square little ram who is growing nicely.   (See new photos of the lambs sire, Frodi at bottom of page.)  All of the ram lambs are
for sale.  Contact me for more details if you are interested in any of them.  
Alfdis' first lamb, at just a couple days old
Here he is at about 3 weeks old, with his mom, and by himself.
Glora's twins came next, early in the evening on May 11th.  She presented me with a ewe and a ram lamb, while I (and
my dinner guests!) watched from the sidelines.  She had an uneventful delivery, and they were quickly up and nursing.  
(for more on the story of this ewe and her lambs, see the bottom of this page)
Glora's twins - ram in front, ewe towards the back.  I know Glora carries black, and don't think she carries moorit, so these
lambs could probably produce either black or moorit offspring, depending on the color of the sheep they were bred to.  
Glora's ram lamb, at
about 2 weeks old
The last of the 3 ewes to lamb this year was Drifa, who had her twins almost exactly 24 hrs after Glora, on May 12th.  She
had a harder time than the other two, since her first lamb was quite large and had well developed horn buds.  But all are doing
well.  She is such a good mother.  These are her 3rd twins, and she takes good care of them.  Both of them are ram lambs.  
Again, I suspect that she carries black, since all of her other lambs were black, and dad is moorit, so these boys could father
either color, depending on the color of the ewe.  
Drifa and her boys, at about 2 weeks old
Alfdis and Drifa's boys at around 2
weeks of age.
It's so odd to have mostly white lambs.  These
are the first white Icelandics lambs I've ever
had!  Now that lambing is over, I wish I'd bred
more of the flock.  Next year!  I have some
lovely yearlings that will be bred for the first
time in the fall, as well as some of the older
More on Glora and her lambs -  By the morning after they were born, Glora had decided she didn't want her twins.  She was butting them into
the barn walls,  and tromping on them.  After much trial and error, I found that as long as she was tied on about a 3' lead, she was pretty much
ok with them, and would let them nurse.  So, at this writing she has been tied for 4 weeks.  She's not a happy camper, but her lambs are
growing great, and know to keep a watchful eye on mom when they are within reach.  I've tried twice more to let them loose, and mom won't
cooperate.  She raised a ram lamb last year with no problems so I have no idea why she's being so 'naughty' this spring.  Glora is a very nice
ewe, as far as fleece, confirmation and breeding go.   For someone who doesn't spend 12 hrs a day 4 days a week working off the farm, she
probably wouldn't be too bad to deal with.  Anyone who might be interested in a quality ewe for a
very reasonable price, please give me a call,
or an email.  
The pedigrees for all my sheep can be found at the CLRC website.
All 3 of the ewes were bred to Frodi, a moorit badgerface 2007 lamb.  Here are some more up to date photos, taken a week
after shearing.  I like the way he is growing up.