2007 Lambs
The first of my ewes to lamb this spring was "Glora", at about 10:30 am
on 4-12-07.  She is a first time mom, not quite a year old herself, and
produced a 6.1# solid black horned ram lamb.  Dad is 'Henry'   
"Gothi" was the next to lamb at about 11:30 pm on 4-14-07.  This is her third year of lambing and she again produced a set
of twins.  (big ones this year!)  Her black badgerface horned ram lamb weighed in at 10.1#, and her moorit badgerface polled
ewe lamb weighed 8.2#
Gothi's ewe lamb - moorit badgerface
Gothi's ram lamb - black badgerface
On the 23rd of April Polly delivered her
twins about mid day.  She had a solid
black ewe and a black spotted ram.  The
little ram is adorable, with his spotted
fleece and black and white striped
horns!  His dad is 'Henry'.   Both these
lambs are horned.
My big white ewe Drifa was the next to lamb.  On the morning of April 29th she produced 2 lovely black badgerface ewe
lambs.  Their dad is 'Thorgrimm'.  Neither of these lambs have shown signs of having horns despite having 2 horned parents.
Drifa's first 2007 ewe lamb
Drifa's second ewe lamb, Dalla.  It's
hard to tell them appart, but one is just
a bit larger.
Birna, who is a 2 yr old first time mom (I chose not to breed her in 2006) was next, on the morning of April 30th.  She had a
hard time delivering her first set of twins.  I was expecting a single from her, but she had a tiny moorit badgerface ewe and
a larger moorit badgerface ram!  Both are doing well, despite the small size of the little ewe.  (4.9#)  Dad is 'Thorgrimm'.  
The last of the bred ewes, Svala, held off until the
pre-dawn hours of May 4th.  I got up that morning to find a
frisky set of new twins.  The ram lamb is a horned black
badgerface.  The ewe is a polled black badgerface  mouflon.
 Due to the badgerface and the mouflon patterns canceling
each other out, you have to look carefully to tell that her
base color is actually black!  Dad is Thorgrimm.   
The black badgerface ram lamb is in front.
The black mouflon badgerface ewe lamb, Solveg,
is in front.
Kadlin will be remaining in my flock.
 Here she is at 6 mos. of age.
Dalla will be remaining in my flock.  Here she is at
almost 6 mos. old.
Birna's ram lamb, who
I've named Frodi is
remaining in the flock
for now.  See his photo
on the "Rams" page.
Solveg will be remaining in the flock.  Here she is at almost 6 mos. old.