Welcome to Raven's Rest Icelandics!

I raise registered purebred Icelandic Sheep - one of the oldest pure breeds
of sheep in the world today.

Why Icelandics?
These sheep are hardy, beautiful, and versatile.  They are usually shorn twice
a  year, producing a low grease, double coated fleece, that may be spun as is
or separated into the long strong outer 'tog' and the fine soft inner 'thel'.  
Icelandic fleece is also wonderful for felting.  They come in several colors
and many patterns and shades, making each fleece unique.

Besides their fleece the Icelandic sheep is known for it's mild flavored, lean
meat, and lambs that can grow to market size on grass alone.  They are good
milkers, and with good management can be used as dairy animals while
continuing to raise their lambs.  
Raven's Rest Icelandic Sheep
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